• Ready for baptism or just want to find out more about the process?  Click the link above for our one-page description on what it is and what happens next.

  • The Involve Church By-Laws were adopted via congregational vote on November 8, 2015 by unanimous vote of all members that were present.

  • If you would like to begin applying for membership at Involve Church, fill out this form.


    Here are several documents that you might find useful from our State of the Church Address:

  • If you are interested in helping out with our Involve Kids or Student Ministries (6th Grade and up), please fill out an application.  Also, it is required that you know and understand the Involve Church Child Safety Policy prior to volunteering.  Click here if you do not have a copy.

  • Use this form if you intend to purchase an item, hold the receipt, and request later reimbursement. Going through this process ensures that we have the money to reimburse you. Most importantly, it helps us to plan and be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.

  • Use this form to ask the church to make a purchase. This is a good alternative to purchasing the item yourself and requesting reimbursement.

  • Use this form when submitting your receipt after purchasing an item.  Please note that the church prefers a pre-authorization submitted before purchasing items.  This pre-authorization passes through the corresponding ministry team.  This way, we are ensuring transparency, accountability, and that there is a team approach to the way we spend money and make decisions.

  • Click here for a copy of the item.