leaders-in-training (LIT's)

If you want to grow as a leader and you see that Involve Church is a place to not only serve Jesus and to Follow Him Together but also a place where you can learn to help others do the same then we would ask you to consider being a Leader-in-Training.  Below is clarification for what we mean by LIT at Involve Church.


What is a LIT? Simply put - we have the expectation that a LIT is meeting with their mentor regularly.  This could be over coffee, out for a mountain bike ride, hunting, or just over lunch during the work day.  The LIT is involved in the planning process with the Mentor so he/she sees the decision-making process and heart of the mentor.  We believe that training and learning has a higher chance of  change if you are in the process...not just in the room for a Bible Study.  This could be true at each level of our design:  someone can be a LIT to a Life Group Coordinator or be a Life Group Leader mentoring a LIT of their own.

Why are Character and Desire prerequisites?  Being a LIT means you are in the game and that you actually want to play. Let me explain these one at a time.

Desire. This whole process of ministry and loving people and leading people is hard. It is not a cake walk. While the fruits of success can have the volume to drown out any of the hardships, the truth is that if you don’t have the heart desire then it will be more of  a burden then a blessing. This is not something that makes one person better then another but does help us identify the ones that are gifted for such things. This is not meant for every member of our church or any other church for that matter. If it is not meant for you, it is not a shameful thing. The Desire just helps us know that you want to be in this part of the process.

Character. We are all growing everyday and we are consistently influencing others but a LIT is one who desires to influence people for Jesus and has the character in place that will not take him out of the game.  We see character disqualification not as a 5 or 10 yard penalty, but that it benches you. We want people who are in the game not on the bench.

Where is the line?  There is no realistic definition that we can place on this, we do not expect perfection, so we look to the principles and qualifications of deacons in the New Testament. Passages like Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13 apply here. It is not that you are without sin but that the onward motion of your life toward godliness is apparent. This does, however, mean that if all is good in your life but there is one area of consistent failure you may not be ready to be a LIT. 

How do we Evaluate this? We use a very simple system to evaluate our “potential LIT”.  We evaluate those individuals on three areas: Character, Competency and Desire.  This evaluation helps us determine where someone is and what we can do to help them take the next steps.

Is there anything else? Short answer – Yes. A little longer of an answer – There is one other thing that must be true of the “potential LIT”. They must be a member at Involve Church. We want people who will go through this development to be in line with our vision and mission and hold the same core values that we do. Feel free to check out our Core Values.

How do I get started? Well, for this to happen the first step is to get involved in one of our Life Groups.  It is through that environment that we identify and look for our LIT. Tell your Life Group Leader that you are interested and would like to take steps toward seeing if this might be for you. They have all the resources need to help you get connected with our team and get started. Other than that please take a moment to fill out this quick form and it will help us connect with you and gain some more information.