life group hosts

Being a Host is quite simply one of the most valuable ministries of Involve Church. Allowing people to come into your home and show hospitality is a blessing to so many and will not be something that we take for granted. We designed this to help you as we walk through this ministry together.  This page is designed to be a help to you when you need it. It may not all be needed today but it will be here for the time to come when it may be helpful. Below you will find a few things to help with defining the purpose and identifying the WINS for our Life Group Hosts. Under that there are a host of resources to help you as you tackle this role and serve at Involve Church.

purpose of a host

To provide an environment of hospitality through helping to organize food, beverages, seating and outreach logistics for those who come to your Life Group.

wins for hosts

  • When someone compliments your home for cleanliness, orderliness or feeling like home.
  • When you have enough space for everyone who visits to eat, socialize and interact with the discussion.
  • When you have enough food and beverages for everyone in attendance.
  • When there are a variety of people bringing food and the community is serving each other.