leadership training


The purpose of the residency program is to develop leaders to plant and revitalize churches.  This includes equipping leaders to reproduce disciples, leaders, and groups.  Our goal is to develop and deploy a new generation of leaders who can lead gospel transformation in our churches and communities.

We are in the pilot stages of our Leadership Residency Program.  If you are interested, please contact Pastor Luke - luke@involvechurch.com

antioch school

Antioch School for Church Planting & Leadership Development is Involve Church's way of preparing the next generation of church planters, revitalizers, and pastors.  This is a good program for people who have some ministry experience but lack a strong biblical foundation from which to minister.  Accredited degrees are a part of this program.


practical ministry training

It is our goal to build into the fabric of our church the desire to train and equip people to carry out their God-given calling in the life of the church.  To that end, we have practical ministry training that is deeply rooted in Scripture.  This training is completed as a person serves in various ministries of the church.  We use a platform called MinistryGrid that allows us to facilitate this training through the web and allows each person to complete it at their own pace while on the go.