The era of Covid-19 has changed a lot for a lot of people, and the Church is no exception. While we've done our best to proceed as normal, the fact is things are not normal and we don't know when we'll get back to "normal." So, say hello to the Micro Church. What Micro Church is not: a life group or small group (though you might have some overlap with those groups). We encourage you to view your Micro Church as your church family. Worship together, pray together, study the bible together. Care for each other through sickness and hardship. Rejoice with each other through victories and successes. In your Micro Church, be the Church!.

What You Need to Know

Micro Church Quick-Start Guide

Here are some things that will help you wrap your mind around Micro Church:


  • Micro Churches, in general, meet on Sunday mornings at someone's house at 10:30am. If your Micro Church offers Involve Kids ONLINE, you'll meet earlier, and times for this vary as well.

  • We have three classifications of Micro Church: red, yellow, and green. Red groups use an abundance of precaution in regards to preventing Covid-19 spread, while those with a green designation will be looser on protocols (however, we still encourage safe practices). If you are in a high-risk category, we recommend meeting in a red group. If you are healthy and pose less of a risk if you contract Covid-19, you might consider attending a green group. You can find more info on the color codes here.

  • We plan on streaming the worship service, including a message from Scripture, straight to your Micro Church. These services are specially designed with Micro Churches in mind, encouraging you to pray together, interact around topics, and worship together. We are striving to make this an edifying experience for you, your Micro Church family, and glorifying to God.

    If you have any questions at any time, ask us and we will give you our best answer! Send an email to