how has god gifted you?

We get excited because when people begin using the gifts God has given to them to serve Him, amazing things begin to happen.  If you are interested in getting involved, see the open opportunities below.  If you have an idea for a new ministry, fill out the form linked here.

setup & tear-down crew

This is one of the quickest ways to get involved.  Since we are mobile church, we set up and tear down every Sunday morning for our gathering.  That takes a lot of hands, so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Setup starts at 7:30am and goes for about 1 hour.  Tear-down begins about 15-20 minutes after the morning gathering and takes about 30 minutes.


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Audio/visual crew

If you are gifted in music and technology, this ministry just might be a great area in which to serve.  We have several key areas, all of which require coordinating and working with the other audio/visual roles:

  • Lyrics, Slides, and Videos - If you have experience running computers and are able to multitask well, running the presentation software would be a good area for you.  It is an important and attention-intensive task, starting at 8:15am and running until the end of the service at 11:45am.  Training time:  1-2 Sundays
  • Worship Lighting - We utilize atmospheric lighting to assist in transforming a gymnasium into a House of Worship that helps us to focus on worshiping and glorying God.  If you have an eye for aesthetics and technical know-how, this area might be a good fit.  Training time:  1-2 Sundays
  • Audio Mixing - This is, by far, the most difficult of the A/V roles.  It requires a keen musical ear and the ability to troubleshoot quickly on-the-fly.  Training time:  3-4 Sundays

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Graphic design team

  • Sunday Slide Deck Creation - Actual creation of the slides for Sunday Gathering takes experience in graphic design and collaborating well with others. For slide deck creation, we utilize collaborative in-the-cloud software so that contributors can work from home. Training time: 4-5 Sundays.
  • Video/Media Creation Team - For video creation, we use advanced software that requires a steep learning curve.  Graphic design and video editing experience are helpful in this role.  Our goal is to have weekly updated announcements videos to use in-service and on social media. Additionally, we have long-term goals to have daily devotional videos and training videos. Training time: 8 Sundays (and as needed).
  • Outreach / Info Graphic Design - We recognize one of the most effective ways to reach out to people is through written medium.  We also know that presenting God's message of hope in Christ in a pleasing format can help to more effectively convey that message. Training time:  with prior graphic design experience, 1-2 Sundays; without, as needed.

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Involve kids leader

If you are good with children and have a desire to see them come to Christ, our Involve Kids ministry might be for you.  Serving in Involve Kids requires that you have attended Involve Church for at least 6 months, filling out an application, and a background check.  To get started, click here.

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Life Group team

If you haven't experienced the Life Groups at Involve Church, you haven't experienced Involve Church.  Our Life Groups are the place where the most mutual encouragement and spiritual growth occurs.  That said, it takes a lot to keep a healthy small group ministry running.  Here are the roles in which you could help out:

  • Host - The job of the host is to open their home and provide an environment of hospitality through helping to organize food, beverages, seating, and outreach logistics for those who come to your Life Group.  It is one of the most vital roles in Involve Church.  If you have a knack for helping people feel "at home" and have a house that can seat 12-20, you might consider this role.  Training time:  1 season in an existing Life Group.
  • Life Group Leader - The role of a Life Group Leader is to provide direction, care, and support for the Life Group.  Typically, the Life Group Leader or the co-leader will facilitate the weekly discussion.  If you are interested in being a Life Group Leader, know that it is a process and not one that happens overnight.  Training time:  1-3 seasons in an existing Life Group

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