My First step @ involve

Everyone has a Next Step. Find out more about which step might fit you below.

  • EXPLORE FAITH | "starting point"

    If you are not yet a follower of Jesus or if you have some doubts about the Christian faith, Starting Point is where to begin.  Starting Point is a place you can have a safe conversation with no more than 7 other people regarding Christianity and the Bible.  The group meets for about 90 minutes weekly for about 8 weeks.  In that time, you'll explore topics such as "Who is Jesus?", Mistakes versus Sin, Trusting God, and more.  // To sign up for the next Starting Point group, click here.

  • GO PUBLIC | baptism

    Baptism is an outward symbol of inward change. It’s a public declaration that you are following Jesus! It’s similar to a wedding ring. It doesn’t make you married; it shows everyone around you that you are already married. Baptism doesn’t help you earn salvation or any credit with God. Instead, it’s the first step of obedience for people who put their faith & trust in Jesus. // If you have questions or think you might be ready to get baptized, click here.

  • GET ROOTED | "The walk"

    The natural next step for a person who realizes that Jesus has sacrificed so much to save them is to want to know Him more.  That's why the next step is a 12-week study, either one-on-one or with a 3-4 person group, entitled "The Walk."  You'll cover a lot of what the Bible has to say about the Christian faith and come to a better understanding of what it means to walk with Jesus.  // To find out more about Getting Rooted, click here.

  • GET INVOLVED | Life groups & serving

    By this point, you'll have spent around 4-6 months getting to know Jesus and the Christian faith.  At this point, you will start to realize (if you haven't already) that an important part of being a Christ-follower is serving others and encouraging other followers to continue growing in their faith.  That's why we have Life Groups and multiple opportunities for serving inside and outside the church.



  • join the mission | involve church 101

    As a church, we like to make sure we are all on the same page regarding why we exist and how we will accomplish what God has called us to do.  Being committed to a local church where people know you and you know other people is a concept from Scripture.  To that end, we have Involve Church 101 to help you understand how we function as a church and what we believe.  We also encourage membership at our church.  // To find out more about Involve Church 101, please click here. // To apply for membership, please click here.

  • multiply | pi-cubed and "Multiply"

    From a biblical perspective, part of walking with Christ includes the desire to share your faith with others and see them grow in their walk, as well.  As a Christian helps others to learn how to walk with Jesus, we call this Multiplying.  To help to know and understand how to multiply followers of Jesus, we have a helpful resource we use called "Multiply," which is a 6-month study meeting for 90 minutes weekly covering:

    1. Living as a Disciple Maker (3 weeks)
    2. Living as the Church (3 weeks)
    3. How to Study the Bible (3 weeks)
    4. Understanding the Old Testament (9 weeks)
    5. Understanding the New Testament (5 weeks)
    We also share Pi-cubed with you, a simple method for helping each of us to remember to pray for those in our lives who don't know Jesus and invest in their lives, sharing the love of Christ with them.