Greeter Team Member

CHURCH MISSION STATEMENT: “To involve people in an authentic relationship with Jesus.”

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MISSION STATEMENT: “To create opportunities to show guests that they matter to God and they matter to us.”

REPORTS TO: First Impressions Director POSITION TYPE: Part-Time/Volunteer (1 hrs/wk)

GOAL: The goal of the Greeter Team Member (GTM) is to provide a welcoming environment to all attendees at exterior and interior facility entrances.

Ensuring a Welcoming Atmosphere
The GTM will ensure a warm, clear, and welcoming atmosphere as people enter the church. This will be accomplished by:

  • Wearing lanyard tag while serving
  • Arriving at position 30 minutes prior to service or event start time
  • Greeting all guests and attendees.
  • Opening doors for arriving and departing attendees.
  • Directing first-time guests to welcome cart
  • Handing out welcome cards to first-time guests, worship notes, pens, and other supplies
  • Helping guests keep foyer noise at a minimum while service is in progress

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area: First Impressions