Baptism Sunday

Fast-approaching is our next opportunity for public baptism.  You are glad you are showing interest in getting baptized or you are a parent of a child who has expressed interest in getting baptized. There are few steps between now and then to get prepared for baptism Sunday:

  • Meet with Pastor Ryan ( to talk through what it means to be baptized (if you haven't already).
  • Set up a time with Pastor Luke ( to video-record your story. In it, we cover three things: 1) How you came to faith in Christ, 2) why you want to be baptized, 3) a bible verse that you find encouraging and/or particularly meaningful to you.
  • Choose the person who will baptize you. At Involve, this doesn't necessarily have to be a pastor. It could be the person who God has used most in your life to bring you to this point of publicly proclaiming your faith, like a Life Group leader, a friend, or a parent.
  • Invite family to be a part of the service. Baptism Sundays are a perfect time for family - saved and unsaved alike - to hear how God is alive and at work in people's lives. Take some time to invite your family to hear your story on this important day.

First, however, it would be helpful to us to have you register by clicking the button below.  This helps us ensure that we follow-up with you.

Luke Johnston
(208) 412-0498

Date / Time

Registration closed on Thursday, September 5, 2019